The multipurpose BHT furnaces can produce both flat and bent tempered glass for shower box, refrigerator show cases, furniture, furnishing, decoration and architectural, railways cars, tractors, coaches, marine, etc., satisfying the most sophisticated market specifications.

BHT can offer a large range of bending and tempering with different plant configurations and design options.
Thanks to the company design capability, BHT can satisfy from the needs of the small glassworks up to those of the biggest companies offering plants perfectly addressed to the Client’s requirements and giving also to the craftsman’s production the quality requested from the big industries.

The technology proposed by BHT, forming the glass by means of specific tools, represent the only way to assure the maximum optical and dimensional quality and the production of complex shapes, together with maximum repetitivity and high production rate. The high productivity permits a fast amortization of the equipment and make the investment largely competitive if compared to other equivalent solutions.