This section is made of an upper crown and of a lower bench. The crown is placed on supports and it can be lifted for emergency or maintenance operations.
Internal part of the furnace is lined with refractory material, mechanical and thermal shock resistant, guaranteed dust free and exempted from periodical maintenance or substitutions. The insulating material, placed between the refractory material and the frame, insure the thermal insulation.
The heating system is made of Kanthal’s resistances grouped in sections, individually controlled and adjustable to obtain the optimal thermal curve for each process.
The high section of the Kanthal wire ensures a long life to the resistances, avoids periodic replacement and allows, in case of breakage, the repair with a simple welding.
A conveyor with relative motors is located externally to the bench and connected to the internal bench rolls; the rolls are made of ceramic material and can be easily disassembled.
The roll-houses, made with refractory material, guarantee an efficient thermal barrier and consent a rapid disassembly of the rolls.